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Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology As it goes, years pass and technology advances. Existing technology improves; and new technology is introduced. We talk on our smart phones – surf, play, and even talk to our smart phones – we drive our smart cars, watch our smart TV’s, and allow for our smart vacuum cleaners to parade our floors so that we may live cleanly in our smart homes. Regardless of how often, or of how many smart pieces of technology we may own, we are constantly surrounded by such, merely through the world in which we live in. As it progresses, smart
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Housing Trends We are Seeing in the Canadian Real Estate Market

The Canadian housing market is already in the news, thanks to the recent collaboration of Vancouver residents to form the #DontHave1Million campaign that went viral. This Twitter campaign was in response to the recent reports that the average home in Vancouver will set you back $1.27 million, which is more than double the average price of a home throughout the rest of the Canadian market. And, at the rate things are going, this trend shows no sign of slowing down.  With this in mind, let’s see the other nine trends in the Canadian housing market to keep in mind in
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